Sunday, 01 August 2021
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Articles related to Migration - هجره

Another lunar year has passed and a new one is about to begin to remind us of the glorious memory of the great day in which the Prophet migrated to al-Madinah. The blessed Migration displayed an honorable strife for human excellence and contained several lessons of patience, forbearance, knowledge and wisdom; an enrichment for future generations to implement and use to iron out difficulties and overcome hardships and learn to persevere.

Daily Live Online Classes During Ramadan 2021

During Ramadan this year, AICP will be broadcasting daily LIVE classes on both Youtube channels ( and

12 Noon ET Sheikh Anwar Jaramogi The Summary of Obligatory Knowledge
3:00 PM ET Sheikh Rabih Osman The Life of the Companions
5:00 PM ET Sheikhah Dr. Nousaybah Sakr The Islamic Creed
6:00 PM ET Hajj Riad Nachef Beneficial Matters from our Sheikh

You can also ask questions by emailing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and they will be answered after the 6 PM ET class

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The Messenger of Allah said:

"One Dirham surpassed one hundred thousand Dirhams." They said: "How?" He said: "A man had two Dirhams; he gave one of them in charity; and another man went to part of his money and took out of it one hundred thousand Dirhams and gave them in charity."

The man who does not have but two Dirhams and gave one of them for the sake of Allah, favoring the reward of Allah has more reward than the wealthy who gave in charity one hundred thousand, which is little compared to the plenty of money he had.

If it were not for the strong certitude of the first, he would not give half of his money. Had it not been for his strong trust in Allah, his belief in the Hereafter and the reward from Allah, and the occupation of his heart with the Hereafter, the reward of this single Dirham would have not surpassed the reward of one hundred thousand Dirhams, which the wealthy paid in charity out of his own (abundant) money.

قال رَسُولُ اللَّهِ صلى الله عليه وسلم: ‏

"‏سَبَقَ دِرْهَمٌ مِائَةَ أَلْفِ دِرْهَمٍ.‏"‏ ‏قَالُوا وَكَيْفَ؟ قَالَ: ‏"‏كَانَ لِرَجُلٍ دِرْهَمَانِ تَصَدَّقَ بِأَحَدِهِمَا، وَانْطَلَقَ رَجُلٌ إِلَى عُرْضِ مَالِهِ فَأَخَذَ مِنْهُ مِائَةَ أَلْفِ دِرْهَمٍ فَتَصَدَّقَ بِهَا ‏"‏ ‏.‏

الرَّجُلُ الذي لا يملِكُ إلَّا دِرْهَمَيْنِ وتَصَدَّقَ بأحَدِهِمَا ابتغاءَ وَجْهِ الله إيثارًا للآخرةِ أيْ إيثارًا لما عند الله يكونُ ثوابهُ عند الله أعظمَ من ثوابِ هذا الغنيِّ الذي يَتَصَدَّقُ بمِائَةِ ألفٍ والمِائَةُ ألفٍ عندَه قليلٌ من كثير .

ذاكَ الذي تَصَدَّقَ بدرهمٍ وأبقَى لنفسهِ درهمًا لولا قُوَّةُ يقينهِ ما تَصَدَّقَ بنصفِ ما يملِك، لولا قُوَّةُ يقينهِ بالله واليومِ الآخرِ والثَّواب من الله تعالى وإقبالُ قلبهِ على الآخرةِ ما زادَ أجرُ هذا الدِّرْهَمِ الواحدِ على أجرِ مِائَةِ ألفِ دِرْهَمٍ يَتَصَدَّقُ بها الرَّجُلُ الموسرُ الغنيُّ من عُرْضِ ماله .

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