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Takbirat of ^Id - تكبيرات العيد

Audio: Takbirat of ^Id - تكبيرات العيد Speaker: AICP Lebanon

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Allahu akbarullahu akbarullahu akbar, La ilaha illallah. أللهُ أكبرُ أللهُ أكبرُ أللهُ أكبرُ، لا إله إلا الله
Allahu akbar Allahu akbar wa lillahi-hamd. (3 Times)

أللهُ أكبرُ أللهُ أكبرُ أللهُ أكبرُ، ولِلهِ الحَمد

Allahu akbaru kabira, Wal-hamdu lillahi kathira

أللهُ أكبرُ كبيرا ، والحمد لِلهِ كَثيرا

Wa subhanallahi Wa bihamdihi bukratawwa asila

وَسُبْحَانَ اللهِ بُكْرَةً وأصِيلا

La ilaha illallahu wahdah

لا إله إلا اللهُ وَحْدَه

Sadaqa wa^dah, wa nasara ^abdah

صَدَقَ وَعْدَه وَنَصَرَ عَبْدَه

Wa 'a^azza jundahu, Wa hazam-al-‘ahzaba wahdah

وَأعَزَ جندَه وَهَزَمَ الأحْزَابَ وَحْدَه

La ilaha illallah, Wa la na^budu illa Iyyah

لا إله إلا اللهُ ، ولا نعْبُدُ إلا إياه

Mukhlisina lahud-Dina Wa law karihal-kafirun

مُخلِصينَ لهُ الدينَ وَلوْ كَرِهَ الكافِرُون

Allahumma salli ^ala (sayyidina) Muhammad,

اللهم صَل عَلى ( سيدِنا ) مُحَمد

Wa^ala ali (sayyidina) Muhammad,

وَعَلَى ءَالِ ( سيدنا ) مُحَمد

Wa^ala as-habi (sayyidina) Muhammad,

وَعَلَى أصْحَابِ ( سيدنا ) مُحَمد

Wa^ala ansari (sayyidina) Muhammad,

وَعَلَى أنصَارِ ( سيدنا ) مُحَمد

Wa^ala azwaji (sayyidina) Muhammad,

وَعَلَى أزْواجِ ( سيدنا ) مُحَمد

Wa^ala dhurriyyati (sayyidina) Muhammadiw-

وَعَلَى ذُريةِ ( سيدنا ) مُحَمد

wa sallim tasliman kathira.

وَسَلمْ تَسْليماً كَثيرا

Meaning of the ^Id Takbirat

1. Allah is Great

2. No one is God except Allah.

3. Allah is Great and Praise is due to Allah.

4. Allah is Great.

5. Many praise is due to Allah.

6. Praise to Allah at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day.

7. No one is God except Allah

8. He fulfilled His promise and gave Victory to His slave.

9. He strengthened His soldiers and He alone defeated the Ahzab.

10. No one is God except Allah.

11. We do not worship anyone but Him.

12. Our worship is dedicated only to Him.

13. Even if the non-believers hate it.

14. We ask Allah to raise the status of (our master) Muhammad,

15. And the Al (Muslim wives and relatives) of our (master) Muhammad,

16. And the sahabah (Companions) of (our master) Muhammad.

17. And the Ansar (The people of Madinah who supported the Prophet) of (our master) Muhammad,

18. And the wives of (our master) Muhammad,

19. And the descendents of (our master) Muhammad, and save the (Muslim) Nation of (our master) Muhammad.

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