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The Signs of the approach of the Day of Judgment - The last of the ten major signs

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The last of the ten major signs indicating the approach of the Day of Judgment will be a magnificent fire. This fire will erupt from the inner valley of Aden in Yemen, driving the people in fear towards the West from their countries.

In the final days of this world, Iman (Belief) will be confined to Madinah as the snake is normally confined in its hole. That is because the last of the Muslim villages to be ruined will be Madinah as the Prophet sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam indicated in the hadith. Certainly Madinah has a better staus than other places in the past and in the future, and that is why the Prophet sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam indicated in the hadith that Iman (Belief) will be confined to Madinah as the snake is normally confined in its hole.

The Qur’an will be raised to the sky in the final days, not a single verse of it will stay in this Earth, al-Khadir peace be upon him would die at that time.

Once these ten major signs take place, a soft breeze will enter under the arms of every Muslim taking their life gently. One hundred years will pass during which only the non-believers will exist on earth. There will be no Muslim to Praise or Glorify Allah the Exalted. Only the blasphemers will stay alive to face the time when life on earth will come to an end (al-Qiyamah). Angel Israfil will blow the horn. This tremendous blast will rip the hearts of the non-believers and kill all living creature on earth, including humans and, jinn; no humans or jinn will stay alive.

Those Muslims and blasphemers who have died before that will lose consciousness at that time save that martyrs, who will not lose consciousness. What is meant here that if the bodies had already decayed, then the souls will lose consciousness. The bodies which will have the souls in them at that time will be shocked too even the prophets; however, they will not get any pain due to that. The martyrs will not lose consciousness at that time, this does not mean that they have higher rank than the prophets; but Allah has made that significance thing for the martyrs so that people will be encouraged to do it.

The Messenger of Allah sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam mentioned in a hadith which was related by al-Bukhariyy that once the people get that shock on the Day of Judgment, he will be the first one to wake up from it; he would then see Musa holding on to one of the legs of the Throne (^Arsh…The ceiling of Paradise). He indicated that he will not be able to tell whether Musa woke up before him, or that he was spared from that because he was shocked at the mount of Tur before.

After the death of the humans, the angels will die, the last of them to die would be ^Azrail. Some scholars said: Except for the angels in charge of Paradise, the angels in charge of Hellfire, those who carry the Throne, al-Hur, and al-Wildan. After that Allah will bring Israfil back to life, who had already blown the horn the first time, he will blow it a second time; forty years after the first one; making the dead people come out of their graves for the questioning (as-Sual) and al-Hisab (Questioning).

We ask Allah to make us steadfast to Iman (Belief) and to grant us martyrdom. And all praise be to Allah.

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