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The Signs of the approach of the Day of Judgment - The Imposter (Dajjal) will emerge

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The Imposter (Dajjal) will emerge, Prophet ^Isa will descend from the second sky, Ya’juj and Ma’juj will come forth from their concealed place of residence, the sun will rise from the West, the Earth Dabbah (Animal) will emerge. Then a vast spread of smoke will be followed by three land slides, and the journey of great fire will originate from the deep valley of Aden in Yemen.

As we mentioned earlier the emerging of the Dajjal is the first of the major signs of the approach of the Day of Judgment. He is also called al-Masih ad-Dajjal (means he is a great deceiver, because he is a blasphemer who sweeps through the land with speed), and al-Masih al-Kadhab (means the liar).

The way in which he will travel the world is strange and unlike our ways.

He will travel the world with a tremendous ease, which is given to him by Allah the Exalted. He will travel the earth from all directions in just one and half years, spreading corruptions every where. He will gain access to every place with the exception of entry to Makkah and Madinah, in Saudi-Arabia. This is because at every gateway thereof will be an angel guarding the entry with his sword drawn, making the Dajjal flee at their sight. His travels will be eased in a strange way, he will lead people astray here and there; he will say to people: “I am your great lord.” He will deceive them in many ways. The Jews will believe in him and also other than the Jews whom Allah had willed for them to die as blasphemers.

At that time hunger will spread on earth, however the followers of the Dajjal will not be affected. What will seem to them as a blessing, will actually be a curse. Allah will provide for them plenty of food and good fortune. However the Muslims who rejected the Imposter will experience the hunger, but they will be relieved from it’s pain by mentioning and Glorifying Allah in their worship. This will also be their means of nourishment. Therefore this state of hunger will not have any side effects upon them.

When al-Masih ^Isa (Jesus) descends, he shall kill the Imposter; after that there will be great luxury and prosperity. When ^Isa descends, he will meet al-Mahdiyy. Al-Mahdiyy will ask Prophet ^Isa to lead them in prayers. However, ^Isa will decline, leaving al-Mahdiyy to be the Imam. This signifies that Prophet ^Isa, peace be upon him, will rule by the teachings revealed to Prophet Muhammad sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam. After this first time, ^Isa will lead in prayers because Prophet ^Isa has a higher status than al-Mahdiyy.

During the days of Prophet ^Isa peace be upon him there will be lots of safety and luxury. The earth will release all it’s gold and treasures, making the people rich to an extent leaving no-one in need of charity (sadaqah).

Al-A^war ad-Dajjal is a human from the Children of Adam, apparently he is from the Children of Israel. He is described as having one eye protruding like a bulging out grape, while the other one is totally flat, as well as being a great deceiver and liar. This is why he is also called ‘the one-eyed Imposter’, and in Arabic “A^war Ad- Dajjal”, which means the same.

Amazingly, he is now chained by angels on an island. The whereabouts of this island is unknown to anyone. He cannot emerge before his due time. He has been imprisoned there for a long time as it was illustrated by the incident told by a Companion of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam.

Tamim Ibn Aws tells that he and other Companions were sailing when their boat went astray leaving them lost in the ocean for one month. The boat was drifting deeper into the ocean when it stopped at an island. There, they were met with the one-eyed Imposter. The Companion described him to the Prophet as having a huge body and obviously knows the Arabic language, since he communicated with him in Arabic. He introduced himself to them and asked them many questions. Among his questions he asked if the prophet of an Arab origin – meaning Prophet Muhammad – has come forth yet. They said: “Yes.” The purpose of his question was to measure the remaining term of his imprisonment before his freedom. He is aware that his release will be one of the signs indicating the approach of the Day of Judgment, which will happen in a time after the Revelation of Prophet Muhammad.

Then the description of the Imposter was revealed to Prophet Muhammad sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam and it was the same as that Companion mentioned.

He will possess extraordinary powers all given to him by Allah, the Exalted.

It has been mentioned that of the extraordinary things he will display – by the Will of Allah – is that he will split a person in two halves and restore him together again. Then that person will say: This has increased my belying of you. He will also order the sky to rain, and it will do so. He will then order the land to produce its plants, it will do so. The Imposter, will bring about two rivers, one will seem to be of fire; in reality this one will be a cool one for the believers. The other one will seem to be of water, in fact it will be fire for them.

When the Imposter first appears, a day will feel as long as a year, then as long as a month and finally a day will feel as long as a week. Three years before his appearance, the sky will hold off one-third of its water, a year after it will hold off two-thirds of its water, then one year before his appearance it will hold off all of its water.

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