Sunday, 21 July 2024
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Association of Islamic Charitable Projects in USA

Active ImageThe USA Headquarters of the Association of Islamic Charitable Projects is based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The AICP is an organization objectively teaching the authentic knowledge of the Religion as taught by the Prophet, sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam, and preserved and passed on through the trustworthy followers of each era.

The AICP encourages Muslims to better themselves through education and academic excellence, as well as expanding employment opportunities for themselves and other Muslims.

The AICP stresses the concern for functioning within society, by fixing its ills--without destroying it.

The AICP is like a family, raising its members with morals and values and strong convictions about the virtues of following the right path.
As former Secretary of Health and Human Resources for Virginia so aptly stated: "I am reminded of the old adage that ‘The family is the original Department of Health, Education, and Welfare.’ You and I must raise children of valor who can distinguish right from wrong, truth from lies, and appreciate the nobility of a life of courage, honesty, and integrity."

The AICP is an organization of moderation, constructive in the roles it assumes within the society.

The AICP encourages respect for the bonds of kinship, supporting the truth, and adhering to sound ethical principles.

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