Tuesday, 23 July 2024
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USA - Anaheim, CA

TIES - Anaheim, CA, USA Curriculum

The Islamic Education School (TIES) is an elementary school, established to satisfy urgent local community needs.
Our mission is to prepare students for success by building their self-confidence and moral character and by developing their intellectual, physical, and artistic potential. Capitalizing on the success of the AICP, in setting up and operating Islamic schools around the world, the Islamic Center of Anaheim opened TIES with the goal of providing the children of our community with an excellent secular education and superior Islamic instruction. This is facilitated through a strong curriculum based on the standards set by the State of California, the Islamic teachings taught by qualified teachers, and Arabic language courses taught by native Arabic speakers.
TIES teaching team is composed of fully qualified educators, who are dedicated and committed. The qualifications range form Masters and Bachelor degrees, credentials, completing Family and Child Development classes, to CBEST certification and most importantly, having a broad experience in teaching and guiding children.

In addition, there is a proactive effort in providing the teachers with the latest educational novelties through staff development, workshops, and seminars.

1136 N. Brookhurst St. Anaheim, CA, 92801 For more information: http://ties.aicpca.org/