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The Prayer Times & How To Determine Them

Every day, each accountable Muslim must perform five (5) specific prayers.

These five (5) prayers are called the obligatory prayers.

They are:

  • The Noon prayer (Dhuhr)
  • The Mid-afternoon prayer(^Asr)
  • The Sunset prayer (Maghrib)
  • The Nightfall prayer (^Isha')
  • The Dawn prayer (Subh)

Each of these obligatory prayers has a specific time in which it must be performed. To perform a prayer before its time sets in or after it ends (without an excuse) is sinful.

Click here to learn how to pray.

To know when the prayer time sets in and when it ends each day, one needs to learn how to determine the beginning and ending times of each prayer.

Allah revealed to Prophet Muhammad via Angel Jibril how to determine these times.

Click here to view a descriptive image of the times.

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