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Infallibility of Prophets

Listen to the Friday Speech in English here: Infallibility of Prophets (Audio)

Read the Friday Speech in Arabic here: عصمة الأنبياء

Know that it is necessary that every prophet of Allāh be attributed with truthfulness, trustworthiness, and decency (protection from despicable things). Therefore, it is impossible for any of them to be attributed with lying, betrayal, vileness, or foolishness. Also, all the Prophets are attributed with superior intelligence,. Hence, it is impossible for any of them to be attributed with stupidity or dullness. It is also necessary that they are all attributed with bravery. Hence, it is impossible for any of them to be attributed with cowardice.

It is also necessary to believe that all prophets are all Muslims and that they never commit blasphemy neither before nor after Prophethood. They do not fall into enormous sins or small sins that indicate a low character, like stealing one single grape. However, it is possible, but very seldom, that a Prophet might commit a small sin that does not indicate a low character. They are however guided to repent right away before any of the people follows them in that sin.

Dear fellow Muslims, make sure that you honor the prophets of Allāh, and know properly their high status and what is necessary for them to be attributed with, and beware of attributing to them what does not befit them because it leads to destruction in the Hereafter.

Dear brothers, I advise you to fulfill all the obligations and to refrain from all the sins. The person will not fulfill all the obligations and refrain from all the sins except by knowing the correct creed about Allāh and believing in Him and by knowing the correct creed about His messenger ﷺ and believing in him ﷺ and following all Allāh’s orders and refraining from all the prohibitions. There is no way to know what Allāh ordered and what Allāh forbade except through the Prophets. They convey to the creations what Allāh revealed to them and what is good for their religious and worldly matters. Hence, the need of the creation for the prophets is necessary because there is no way to know the good from the bad, the correct from the invalid, and what saves the person in the Hereafter or destroys them, except through the prophets, may Allāh raise all their ranks.

Since this is their mission, they were granted of perfection the highest of ranks and befitting attributes, so that people would be attracted to and learn from them the orders of Allāh and to adhere to what they taught them of the revealed laws and judgments and etiquettes.

Thus, Allāh chose for the office of Prophethood perfect men with the best lineages, the best physical forms and the best manners. He protected them from what would repel the people from accepting their call, such as physical defects or repelling ailments, like leprosy and the exiting of worms from the skin.

False and invalid is what some people narrate about Prophet Ayyub that his sickness caused worms to come out of his body which ate from his body. Normally, people would be repelled from someone with this condition, Allāh does not inflict any prophet with something that repels the people away from them because they are sent to convey the religion.

Furthermore, Allāh protected His prophets from vileness and foolishness. Therefore, there is no prophet who is vile like the one who sneaks lustful glances at marriageable women, for example. Also, there is no Prophet who is foolish, like someone who curses left and right. Similarly, it is incorrect and invalid what some people say about Prophet Dawud that he saw the wife of his army commander taking a bath naked and continued looking at her admirably her. Then he sent the commander to the battlefield to ensure having her for himself. This is something that even the low-lives among the people would not accept to be attributed to them. Hence, how could it be valid to attribute that to a Prophet of Allāh, someone who was sent by His Lord to teach the people the high morals?

Dear fellows of faith, Allāh protected His prophets from falling into enormous sins, like drinking wine and fornication. Therefore, invalid is what some people say about Prophet Lot that he drank wine and fornicated with his two daughters. It is also invalid what some people attribute to Prophet Yusuf that he wanted to fornicate with the wife of the governor, because Prophet Yusuf’s high status dictates that he would not fornicate or even has the intention to do so. Allah revealed that means that she wanted to fornicate with him and she attempted to, but Prophet Yusuf was going to push her away had he not been shown by his Lord that had he pushed her away she would claim that he tried to force himself on her. Thus, instead he turned and went towards the door to leave. Then, she pulled his shirt from behind and ripped it.

Still, she accused Yusuf of wanting to fornicate with her. Yusuf denied the accusation of such doing an ugly act. Then a member of her family testified to check his shirt; if if it is ripped from the front, then her claim is true that he wanted to fornicate with her but she refused; and if it is ripped from behind, then he is telling the truth and she is lying. When they checked and found that his shirt was ripped from behind, the governor’s wife admitted that she was the one who tried to fornicate with him and that he rejected, as it was explicitly mentioned in the Qur’an.

So, be warned fellow Muslims from any saying that attributes vileness or despicable manners to any of the Prophets.

May Allah forgive me and you.


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