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Dear Youth - Session 6

We begin in the name of Allah, we praise Allah and we ask Allah to raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad and protect his nation from that which he fears for it. To all the Muslim youth we say as-salamu^alaykum.

If you have been following this page you will notice that usually we refer to some thing said by someone on TV. This is not because we watch TV a lot, nor is it because we are recommending for you to watch TV a lot. On the contrary, we suggest that you involve yourself in many beneficial activities other than watching TV.

We give this advice so you can get more reward, which you will want, on the Day of Judgment. One activity we suggest is sitting in the genuine circles of knowledge and learning about what Prophet Muhammad really taught. These circles are not as numerous nowadays but they still exist and are indeed more fascinating than what we see on TV.

In addition, if you acquire the knowledge which every Muslim is required to learn before you are pubescent then you are in a great position to earn reward and not sin. Then hopefully you will be among the people who are not punished at all after they die.

If you are already pubescent then be sure you learn the things that every Muslim must learn. Write us if you do not have a circle of knowledge to attend; in sha’Allah we will arrange for one. Or if you are concerned about if your present circle is giving you exactly what you need, let us know. We will try to look into it and help you and the others of your group.

We expect that anyone reading this page is really serious about following Prophet Muhammad. The issue is if the information you received about him is authentic or not. No matter your age, let us help one another. If we help you we get reward and that helps us. Helping one another and loving one another are high virtues among the Muslims.

We ask Allah to support us and help us to obey Him.


We resume talking about the honorable and pious Prophet Idris, peace be upon him. As we said in Dear Youth #5, Prophet Idris was a Prophet and Messenger after Prophet Adam and Prophet Shith. He was not the son of Prophet Shith, but he was his descendent and after Prophet Idris died, Prophet Noah was among his descendants. Prophet Idris was the third Prophet and Messenger. Among the distinctions of Prophet Idris is that he was the first Prophet to write with a pen, and God revealed fifty tablets to him. So as we can conclude, Prophet Muhammad was not the only Prophet to receive a book. The book that Prophet Muhammad received is called the Qur’an. Other Prophets received books with different names. All these books are holy and are the word of God, with the Qur’an being the greatest of these books. Another distinction about the Qur’an is that it is the only book revealed to a Prophet which is fully preserved with us to this day.

We do not need to go searching for the other books revealed to the other Prophets. All we need in order to know how to obey God is found in the Qur’an and the sayings of Prophet Muhammad as explained by the pious and educated Muslim authorities. So, in summary, we believe that other Prophets received books from God, like Prophet Idris, but we know the Qur’an is for us now.

Prophet Idris was born in the city of Babylon. This is a city in Iraq. This was a very beautiful and plentiful place between two great rivers, the Tigris and the Euphrates. The people accepted Prophet Idris as their Prophet; during his time all the people were Muslim, just like during the time of Prophet Adam and during the time of Prophet Shith. Again, what beautiful times those were compared to nowadays.

Although the people of Idris were Muslims, not associating partners to Allah, they were not all pious people. Some of Prophet Idris’s people committed a lot of non-blasphemous sins even after he told them not to. Because of the sinfulness of some of his followers, Prophet Idris left Babylon with some of his followers. This was not an easy move to make.

In our next “Dear Youth…” we plan to tell you where Prophet Idris and some of his followers moved to and what he did there.

We ask Allah to bless you and protect all of you Muslim youth. Please ask God to help us to send you more useful and fascinating Islamic information in the months to come.


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