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Dear Youth - Session 1

We begin with the name of God, we praise God and ask God to raise the rank of our Prophet Muhammad.

We want to talk to you about the most important knowledge that you could ever learn. This is the knowledge about God and the Prophets God sent to us. This knowledge is more important than learning a foreign language, or how to fix a car, or learning how to use a computer. How can we say this? Because if a person does not have the proper belief in God and the proper belief about the character of the Prophets, then that person is not a Muslim. If a person dies as an obedient Muslim he will enter Paradise without any torture. He will live there forever, enjoying all the pleasures of Paradise without his pleasure ending.

Every person should be Muslim. Islam is for every person. Islam is not a Religion just for a certain race or nationality. Islam is for all people. Islam is for you.

The truth about God is that He exists. He always existed. God existed before He created things. He is still creating things. Everything you see now is created by God.

God has no beginning. This means that He was not created or born. God is not like us. We die. All of us will die some day. God will never die. Moreover, God has no end.

God does not change. We change. We start out not knowing things and then we get exposed to things. We learn things and then we may do things. Some of us die at an early age, some of us die at a middle age, and some of us die at an old age. God is not like this. God does not change.

God does not need anything. God does not need our worship. He does not benefit by our worship. We do. When we do bad things we hurt ourselves. We do not hurt God. God does not need angels, jinn, humans, or anything. He created them all. All of them need Him. Even the ignorant person who does not believe that God exists needs God. God gives him life and a lot of things. But after that person dies he will be tortured forever.

Prophet Muhammad and the prophets before him told the people about God. They told the people about the proper belief in God. All the Prophets are human. All the Prophets are born from a mother like us, except for Prophet Adam, the first human.

At some point in their lives Prophets get Revelation from God. At that time, they begin their prophethood. However, even before they become Prophets they have their special characteristics.

Prophets always have the right belief about God. They never doubted about God’s existence. They never believed false things about God, like that God has a son, or that God needs to take a rest.

Another special characteristic of Prophets is that they do not lie. Another is that they do not cheat. Another is that they do not sin. The only sin that a Prophet may do is a small sin which is not mean. Moreover, a Prophet would repent of that sin immediately before people copy doing that sin. Another special characteristic of Prophets is that they do not get ugly or repulsive. These are only some of their special characteristics.

God sent many Prophets to the people after the first man and Prophet (Adam) died. Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus are some of the greatest of them. After God sent Prophet Jesus, He sent Prophet Muhammad. Prophet Muhammadis the Prophet of our time; he is the last and the greatest Prophet until the Day of Judgement. Prophet Muhammad taught the rules that we have to follow nowadays.

All the Muslims believe the things we have just said. Many people may claim to be Muslim. In fact they are not Muslim, because they believe things that contradict the proper belief about God and His Prophets. If a child is born to Muslim parents then he is Muslim. However, if he stops having the proper belief about God and the Prophets, then he stops being a Muslim, even if his parents are Muslim.

Even if a person does not have Muslim parents he still can be a Muslim. He becomes a Muslim by having the proper belief about God and the Prophets and saying this belief at least loud enough to hear himself. He can say his belief in the language he speaks. He says: "There is no Creator except God and Muhammad is the Prophet of God" . Or he could say "No one is God except Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah". The Arabic word for God is: Allah.

Both of these statements have the same meaning. There are other statements with the same meaning that one can say to become Muslim. When a person does this he is a Muslim. He then must continue his life keeping his belief in the truth about God and the Prophets. He will enter Paradise after he dies. Therein, his happiness will never end.

A Prophet of Islam - Prophet Adam

Praise be to God, Who sent a lot of Prophets and Messengers to this earth. The first Prophet of Islam is Prophet Adam. Yes, we are talking about the first human whom God created, because he was not only the first human but also a great, respected Prophet of Allah. Know without doubt that humans did not come from apes. No matter how many people talk about it, it is not true. The truth of the matter is that Allah created Prophet Adamafter He had created animals such as apes and the like. Our Prophet Muhammadtold us about the creation of Prophet Adamand the creations which were created before him, so no one should believe differently about these things.

It is well known that Allah is the Creator of everything you see and you don’t see. As you can see around you all the created things have a beginning. You know this about yourself. There was a time when you did not exist, then you had your beginning. The same is true for the earth, the things on the earth, the sun, the wind, and the sea. These are the things that people call "nature". All of nature has a beginning. If Allah had not created nature, it would not have existed. Nature does not create anything. Allah, the Creator, is different from His creation. Allah does not have a beginning.

The first thing which Allah created was water. From this "original" water Allah created other things. You see, this water did not exist at all and then Allah made it exist. No one other than Allah has the power to do this. We want to tell you that Allah did not need that "original" water to create the other things, because Allah does not need anything.

After creating the "original" water, Allah created a giant creation called the ^Arsh. This is a platform with pillars which is the ceiling of Paradise. This really exists although we do not see it now. This platform is up very, very high above the stars and what we see when we look up.

Before creating Prophet Adam, Allah created all the other kinds of creation like angels, jinn, plants, and animals. He created this earth and others earths. He created Paradise, Hellfire, and seven heavens which are above us.

After Allah created all the other kinds of creation, Allah ordered an angel to take a handful from all the different soil types on earth. Since angels never disobey Allah, that respected angel did exactly that. Some of the soil was black, some was white, and some was red. He also took from other soils that have colors in between. Some of the soil was soft and some was hard.

The angel brought all of this soil to Paradise. After the soil was mixed with the water of Paradise it became clay. Allah made this clay dry and hard. Then Allah turned this dry clay into flesh, blood and bones with a human form. After some time Allah gave a soul to this form. As a result the first man became alive. He was called Adam. From one of the ribs of Prophet Adam, Allah created a wife for him. Every human being comes from Prophet Adam.

Our history is full of great events and people. God-willing we will continue to tell you the story of the father of all of us: Prophet Adam.

Allah is not our father. Allah is our Creator.

We all come from Prophet Adam.

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