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Commending Engagement in Islamic Doctrinal Theology

These lectures are meant to rebuke the claims of those who speak against the creed of Imam al-’Ash^ariyy which is the creed of Ahlus-Sunnah. There are four parts:

  • Part 1: Acquiring and Applying Islamic Knowledge.
  • Part 2: Importance of Tawhid Knowlege
  • Part 3: Biography of Imam Abul-Hasan al-’Ash^ariyy
  • Part 4: Commending Engagement in Islamic Doctrinal Theology. 

These lectures were given in Arabic and English in November, 2013 during The Annual Islamic Knowledge Seminars (Dawrah) sponsored by The Association of Islamic Charitable Projects (AICP), in Dearborn, Michigan.

  • Class Title: Commending Engagement in Islamic Doctrinal Theology
  • Speaker: Dr. Ali Ghazzawi
  • Language: English and Arabic



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Lesson 1: Acquiring and Applying Knowledge الحَثُّ على طلَب العلم والعملِ به

Lesson 2: Importance of Tawhid Part 1 بيان أهمية علم التوحيد

Lesson 3: Importance of Tawhid Part 2 بيان أهمية علم التوحيد

Lesson 4: Biography of Imam Al Ash^ariyy Part 1 ترجمة الأشعرىّ

Lesson 5: Biography of Imam Al Ash^ariyy Part 2 ترجمة الأشعرىّ

Lesson 6: Biography of Imam Al Ash^ariyy Part 3 AND Commending Engagement in Islamic Doctrinal Theology Part 1 ترجمة الأشعرىّ و استِحْسَانُ الخَوْضِ فى عِلمِ الكَلام

Lesson 7: Commending Engagement in Islamic Doctrinal Theology Part 2 استِحْسَانُ الخَوْضِ فى عِلمِ الكَلام

Lesson 8: Commending Engagement in Islamic Doctrinal Theology Part 3 استِحْسَانُ الخَوْضِ فى عِلمِ الكَلام

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